Mindfulness Offerings


 Mindfulness is about cultivating moment-to-moment non-judging awareness. It teaches the skill of slowing down and tuning in to your mind, body, and emotions.  As you learn to calm the nervous system,  you are able to lean into your life exactly as it is in this moment.  Mindfulness, and in-particular MBSR,  has been researched most extensively and has been shown to be effective in coping with stress, decreases rumination, boosts working memory, increases focus, and reduces pain and anxiety. Individuals who regularly practice mindfulness report feeling more satisfied with life.    

My Offerings

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Begins in March 2019. See flyer below for details.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is an invitation to lean into your life as it is right now.  With continued practice, you learn to manage the ups and downs of life without getting tossed about as easily.

We know from a growing  body of research that regular practice helps to lower our stress levels, decreases rumination, and boosts working memory and focus.  Individuals who regularly practice mindfulness report feeling more satisfied with life and their relationships and are less emotionally reactive.  Studies show that we are actually happier when we're living in the present moment. 


  •  Class meets weekly for 2 hours for 8 consecutive weeks 
  • Includes guided meditations, discussions,  individual weekly coaching, handouts, and a retreat 
  • Location: The Wellness Co-Op 41 E Oakland Ave #1, Doylestown, PA 18901 
  • Cost:  $500/Early Bird price $400
  •  Reduced fee available if experiencing a financial hardship, please inquire 

Creating Space to Breathe


Creating Space to Breathe is a 6 week training program that teaches you the skills you need to lead 30-minute drop-in sessions in your workplace, institution, or your community.  It is based on growing a grassroots mindfulness program at the University of Michigan since 2012.    

Now in its 6th year,  Mindfulness@Umich has grown to 4 drop-in sessions on Central and North campuses at the University of Michigan.  Through the Creating Space to Breathe program, trained leaders are able to assist in bringing mindfulness drop-in sessions to more students, faculty, and staff on our campus.


  • Course meets for 75 minutes for 6 weeks
  • Includes detailed instruction, guidance, and individual coaching to successfully and safely lead 30-min dropin sessions in your community, workplace, or organization.
  •   Includes feedback on your leading and supervision
  • Cost:  $600
  •  Reduced fee available if experiencing a financial hardship, please inquire  

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