Individual and Couples Coaching


 Coaching allows you to become clear about what you want and create manageable and effective steps to realize your goals.   It's especially helpful when you're stuck and feel like you're going around in circles not making any progress.   Coaching uses the science of behavior change, motivation, and working with ambivalence to design and realize your full potential. A professionally trained coach helps you find clarity, create an effective plan to reach big dreams, helps you get unstuck, and nurture the unique qualities that you bring to the world. 


Individual Coaching


Get unstuck, realize your goals, and live into your fullest potential.  Despite how much we may want to change our situation, creating and sustaining change in our lives is very difficult.   These sessions are packed with support and evidence based practices to help you get where you want to be in your life.

Cost:  Sessions are $90 per 50 minutes.  3 and 6 month packages are available that decreases your overall cost.  Reduced fees are available for those experiencing a financial hardship, Please inquire. 

Couples Coaching


The goal of this work is to help you rediscover your fondness for each other, rebuild a solid foundation of friendship, better manage conflict, and look forward to your future together.  To do this work, I blend mindfulness, emotion coaching, and the evidence based practices from the  Gottman Method. 

Cost:  Initial 90 minute sessions are $125.  As you learn new skills and your situation improves, we meet less frequently, and for less time.

Reduced fees are available for those experiencing a financial hardship, Please inquire.